Damp Basement + Open Windows in the Summer = Bad

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I learned something today. If you have a damp basement, the worst thing you can do is open the basement windows in the summer time.

See, apparently that helps let in even more humidity. It almost defies logic in a way, but I guess it makes sense. So, after 3 months of the windows being open, with a humidity problem getting seemingly worse in June and July, I shut the windows a couple days ago. For the hell of it, I also turned on a dehumidifer I bought that I tried during the winter months with little success. Low and behold, I have dry spots on the basement floor again. It’s still damp, but not as bad as before. I’ll be kicking myself the rest of the summer for this one.

So, if you have a damp basement, and you’re reading this, and you currently have your basement windows open, then stop reading this, run down there and close them. Seriously.

For more information about damp basements, visit the following great link.

Renovating Your Basement - Moisture Problems

Scroll down a bit for the information about how opening windows in the summer time can make moisture problems worse.

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