New Back Entry Door

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I asked the company who did the windows if they also installed doors. Sure enough they did and I got a brochure. I was originally going to only replace the horrid side entry door, but ones in the brochure looked good so I decided to go ahead and get the back one replaced as well. It was also on the fritz, although nowhere near as bad as the side door.

New door - Energy Star sticker
The sticker on the new doors.

A standard one-glass energy star door, which seems to be very popular around around here, was chosen. I figured it would be a good replacement for a similar one-glass door and be good for the view into the backyard during the summer.

Old Back Door- Outside Shot
Outside shot of the old ugly back door.

The new door arrived on the same day that the stack of windows were delivered. It was installed on March 2nd by the same guys who installed the windows that week. The process was interesting to watch and I was surprised how much crap was in between the walls when the door frame came out. I think some squirrels might have been in the walls there at one point.

Old Back Door
Bye bye old door.

It took almost 3 hours to tear everything down and put the new one up. This involved taking the old door off the hinges, removing the old frame from the outside and then cutting the interior trim to fit the new wider door. They did it so fast that they almost forgot a few things. These guys seemed in a hurry. Contractors on the last day, I tell you.

New back door
New back door

This is a shot of the inside door. Not bad. They cut the existing indoor trim with a tiger saw and sealed the gaps with pieces of slim strips of new wood that were cut to fit. They indoor trim looks a little rough around the edges though. They caulked the gaps and said it would look better when painted. We’ll see. If not, I might go ahead and replace that when it comes time to redo the ugly kitchen.

New back door - Outside shot

All said and done, I think the door is ok. It’s a lot better than the old one. The guys didn’t completely caulk the outside. They also didn’t remove the old chunk of wood that the old door rested on. The metal footing of the new door is kind of resting on top of that. This was the part they didn’t put the piece of wood under, which caused a small bounce until the guy who did the side door fixed it a week later. The more I look at it, the more it annoys me. If you’re not looking where you’re going, you can easily trip on the bump.

Total cost: $795, for the cost of the door and installation.

Anyway, the side door was replaced a week later by a guy named Steve. He took his time, had a different installation method and did a much better job in my opinion.

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